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The Magic Square of the Sun

magic square of the sun

E.W. Bullinger’s book Number in Scripture describes a square of 6 reputed to be thousands of years
old. It is one of several so-called magic squares. These squares contain a great deal of information,
raise many interesting questions, and it became obvious that there might be a pattern in this square.

Connecting the numbers 1 to 36 in one continuous line, a shape like the Great Pyramid emerged.
There are 14 lines of numbers, 6 horizontal, 6 vertical, and 2 diagonals each adding up to 111.

The drawing includes the capstone with the pyramid lines extending another 1/3 below ground level.
In total there are three levels with the capstone to finish it. Certain places in the diagram has the
continuous pencil line go over those sections more than once. One vertical 12-13 and six horizontal.

giza great pyramid

The books of Jeremiah 32:18-29 and Isaiah Chapter 19:19-20 mention the Great Pyramid.
Several websites on this topic include Number science, Great Pyramid Prophecy, and Pillar of Enoch.

magic squares

Further research revealed more magic squares on the Wolfram math site. However, they did not
recognize the Great Pyramid pattern in the Sun magic square. Perhaps, the other squares are not
just "attractive patterns", but were designed to blend into each other and increase information.

Nazca lines

The connections between the Sun Magic Square drawing, Great Pyramid, and the famous Nazca lines
in South America. Observe the matching shapes and patterns. (The faint lines are hard to see)

great pyramid

In 3-d


6³= 216 x 2= 432²= 186624 mps

A continuous line from 1 to 36 in three-dimensional space is like sewing two pieces of fabric
together with the needle passing back and forth (always to the other side or quadrant).
To complete the 3-d picture, the cube has to be turned 180° and the same procedure performed,
like a mirrors reflection. The sum total for numbers 1 to 36= 1+2+3 etc. to 36= 666, and for both
sides it is 666x2= 1332 (444x3). Interestingly, if days, it is three short of the 1335 Daniels days.

The information, numbers, lines, ratios etc. are concentrated within the square of 5.
Since the carbon-12 isotope - 6 protons 6 electrons 6 neutrons, is the basis of life on earth,
perhaps the square of 6 frame represents matter or the physical realm. (Also prime number frame)


Copying/scanning the 3-d pyramid drawing with these specifically arranged lines,
resulted in this strange wavy pattern, which was confined to certain structures.
What could cause this phenomenon? If you know, please let me know. Thanks!

This pattern consists of 14 sets of numbers where each line adds up to 37:
Diagonal sections: 6+31, 11+26, 16+21 and 1+36, 8+29, 15+22.
Horizontal: 7+30, 25+12, top 3+34 and bottom 33+4.
Vertical sections: 32+5, 35+2, left 19+18 and right 24+13.

There are several interesting occurrences relating to 3 x 14 in the Bible. The names of Shadrach,
Meshach and Abednego (they refused to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s image Daniel 3:18)
appear 14 times each in the KJV. That is 3 x 14= 42.
Another example mentioned in Matthew 1 states 3 times 14 generations. Cubical?

tungsten atom

A similar shape in a Tungsten atom from A beginner’s guide to constructing the Universe, and
another pattern in: THE MILLENNIAL "SANCTUARY" AND "OBLATION" OF EZEKIEL. Appendix 88,
Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger. (Levendwater.org )


Adding horizontal sections 10400 and dividing by a circle diameter of 3250 equals 3.2 (physical limit).
Pi 3.141... increases the circle diameter slightly as well as the Great Pyramid face to base angle.


ezekiel wheel

A vehicle cross-section like this perhaps? Something to ponder.

gp height

5449 is the sum total of the numerical value of the Hebrew text of Isaiah 19:19-20,
and it is the Great Pyramid's height in Pyramid inches from ground level to the capstone platform.

The Sun square base to π location number 3182.831... / 7 = 454.690...' x 12'' = 5456.282..."
5456.282..." x .998941...(difference between British and Pyramid inch) = 5450.504... Pyramid inches

Perhaps the slight difference accounts for the capstone platform-finishing layer of plaster. The
Great Pyramid was once covered with smooth highly polished limestone blocks called casing stones.

The Magic Square of the Sun blueprint reveals a complete Great Pyramid.

The gematria (sum, using numerical values of its letters) of the first 7 words of the book of Genesis
is 2701. Earth's mean sea level stands at roughly 192.928...ft. (2701 / 14) below the Great Pyramid's
baseline. Include phi 454.7 - 261.8 [(ϕ + 1)100] = 192.9

sphinx connection

The distance between the great pyramid midpoint and the location in front of the sphinx is
1929.5 ft., and it matches exactly the magic square of the sun numbers in the above illustration.
Interestingly, 111 ft. is also the depth where the flood tunnel enters the money pit on Oak Island.
The treasure chamber is located between 154 and 160 ft. below the surface, but has proven to be
unreachable thus far due to flooding problems.

Earth's mean sea level below the Great Pyramid's baseline

5 / 7= 0.7142857... x 2701= 1929.28571428... x 14= 27010
The year 2027.285... – 1929.285...= 98 (7 x 14)

Perhaps, the specific distance of 1929.5 ft. is intended to point to a specific time. If so,
2027.285... is mid-April, and it brought to mind Passover and Jesus’ ascension to heaven and
his return. Acts 1:10 "And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold,
two men stood by them in white apparel; 11 Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye
gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven,
shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven."

front of sphinx

37 Years = 1929.285714... Weeks/ft.
6024.98... Years = 314159.265... ft. (π = 3.1415926...)
1 mile = 5280 ft.
59.5 miles = 314159.26... ft.

A 119-mile diameter circle surrounds the Great Pyramid with a radius of 59.5 miles. By following the
yellow line for 59.5 miles at 145° or close to it (has to be established), it ends at a S.E location.

sphinx temple

(Illustration, The message of the Sphinx by Robert Bauval)

This layout looks strikingly similar to computer electronics circuitry and microprocessors.
If so, why would the architects of this mini-technology want to display and preserve their
knowledge and capabilities, by means of these massive stone structures?
"They", must have known we would arrive at a point in time where we can produce the same
technology. But, did we arrive at this integrated circuitry chip knowledge on our own,
was it given to us, or perhaps technology recovered from crashed extraterrestrial vehicles?

Additional information worthy of contemplation: “The Phenomenon” documentary,
and this fascinating Podcast with Commander David Fravor describing his UAP account.
Furthermore, there are many Biblical examples describing advanced technology for those
"having eyes to see and ears to hear", i.e. open minded. Several such examples are:
(think in technological terms) the Ezekiel account, God took Elijah, Saul on the road to
Damascus Acts 9, Jacob's ladder Genesis 28:12, and the Jonah in the belly of the fish (USO's).
As well, the many incredible Ancient structures left for us to ponder and comprehend.

Lastly, there are paintings with depictions of advanced Flying Objects well before the
technological era of modern humanity. There are "hints" that advanced craft have been
in our skies, and their occupants have been communicating with human culture since the
beginning of recorded history. Here two examples, there are others.


"The Baptism of Christ" by Aert De Gelder (1710)


"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494)

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