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Pi is by Design

Working within the Magic Square of the Sun, my goal was to get close to π 3.1415926... by
using geometry. It was like working toward the edge of a wedge. Pi is a fascinating number
because it is the mathematical ratio upon which the whole physical universe is designed.
This page is a bit lengthy but is a record of my progress.

perfect ratios

The top of the red vertical line at 3125 mm represents the tip of the Pyramid at 3.2
(This idea is best understood after viewing the Sun Square and Square and Circle pages.)

Sitting on top of the pyramid is a 125 mm tall blue diamond shape. Contained within
π 3.1415926... at 3182.83130505...mm as measured from the base of the pyramid.



Entering the small blue diamond shape and zeroing in ever closer to π will take up the
rest of this page. (The Babylonians pegged one of the earliest π numbers at 3.125)

diamond shape

The diamond shape and the capstone it is sitting on are both 125mm tall. And, by dividing the
measurements into 3125 I get whole numbers (brackets). For example 3125 / 125 = (25) mm.


The triangle within the red circle enlarged. It is linked to numbers from the book of Daniel.


Before proceeding an interesting feature. The orange lines in the diagram represent the 5x5x5
cube (I used 5000 x 5000 x 5000 mm for this work), red a 6x6x6 cube, and yellow a 7x7x7 cube.
Imagine this as a painting with a frame around it. The orange 5x5x5 square represents the inside
of the frame, red 6x6x6 the center, and the outside of the frame is represented by the yellow
7x7x7 square. The blue dotted π lines pass through numbers 13 and 18 located on the inside of
the 5x5x5 frame, the center of the 6x6x6 frame and the outside of the 7x7x7 frame.

Seven represents spiritual perfection, six has to do with man (male and female) the number
of imperfection and the human number, five the number for grace, and triple 444 is the world
number, and so on. For more on this read Number in Scripture Its Supernatural Design and
Spiritual Significance by E. W. Bullinger (1837-1913).

How to calculate the numbers:
From the base of the pyramid to the intersecting blue dotted lines near the location of π is
3181.831325 mm, add to this 3125 mm= 6307.831325...2= 39788736.024651255625.
Divide this number into 125000000 for answer 3.1415926*337... Correct only to the number 6,
but working to progressively increase its accuracy.

Seeing how the dotted line numbers 13 and 18 intersected close to π, I was reminded of
Revelation 13:18 and the mark of the beast. Verse 18 "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath
understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number
is Six hundred threescore and six." Literally, the biometric ID number is a “number...that of
a man” (Revelation 13:18). "Of a Man Definition: a human being, whether male or female,
generically to include "all" human individuals." (Linked Word Project Bible study tool.)

As mentioned elsewhere, accurate measurements and time lines are just one aspect of the
Great Pyramid where dates of past and future events written in stone can be measured
accurately, and where π is a specific point in time.

blue dotted π lines and blue dotted π lines

These next measurements are from the base of each triangle to the intersecting blue dotted
π lines, as they are reduced in size. Shown here are the first two examples: The largest triangle
is right side up and has a red post, the next triangle (reversed) is half the height (not volume)
and has a blue post, and so on towards the center.

Diagram A


Diagram A2

Diagram A: The triangles lined up so that all are of the same size.
Within the fifth triangle (16x) π is now in the upper half of the pyramid,
compared to the previous four where it was in the bottom half of each triangle.

Diagram B


Diagram B2

Diagram B: As in the previous diagrams the dotted lines do not hit the tops and bottoms
of the triangles perfectly. Here the length of each post is based on a set of lines hitting
the tops and bottoms of the pyramids perfectly, as shown in this set of diagrams.

Diagram A and B

This diagram shows the overlay of diagrams A and B. The red lines represent the results from
diagram A, and the blue dotted lines represent the results from diagram B. The blue horizontal
line is the next area of focus, and this section is the difference between the results A and B.

To the right in the 32x triangle is a short green vertical line (circled) of .23873185...mm (13090).

the gap

The blue horizontal line enlarged and a closer look at the end, the red-circled area.

gap width is .023873185...mm

The space .023873185...mm x " 10 " = the green line in the previous diagram .23873185...mm (13090).
Pi is located within the .00002516751497...mm space. The method was explained earlier:
From the base of the 3125mm pyramid to the base of the 16x triangle is 3182.70596590...mm.
Add .12535939211391...mm (top of the .00002516751497...mm space)= 3182.83132530...mm,
add 3125= 6307.831325...2= 39788736.028435...
Then divide this number into 125000000 for the answer 3.1415926*334...
The same method for the bottom of the .000025167514...mm at .1253342245...mm = 3.14159265*8...
The exact π 3.141592653589... is located between these two numbers.

80.46875 and 19.53125 percent

The .00002516751497...mm section enlarged.

.12533914012919...mm = 80.46875%
.12533914130921...mm = 80.46875075757705128436855225383805...%

.12533914012919...mm = 19.53125%
.12533914130921...mm = 19.53125018387792506902149326549467...%

19.53125 / 80.46875 split

"0.000286102294921875" is the same number cited in the book De Steenen Spreeken.

80.46875075757705128436855225383805... / 19.53125018387792506902149326549467...= 4.12
Within the unique split # 0.0000000000000293848580... I observed repeating patterns in the
strings of numbers where every section is 12 digits long in 3 out of 4 strings of numbers.

Approximately .05% from π

97.3554... / 0.0000000000000286077466...= 3403113252010137.6
02.6445... / 0.0000000000000007771114...= 3403113252010137.6

106347289125316800 / 3403113252010137.6= 31.25 x 4= 125

97.35540.../ 4096= Space .023768408... close to π.
[4096= 642(Square), (32 Absent), 163(Cube), 84, 46, 212, 1]

97.355401746254475897...% A difference of approximately .05% from π 97.409091034...( π4)

Here is another way to arrange and view the triangles and pi line:

reducing triangle sizes

The bandwidth in this method is .02754598342...mm (9375 / 340340).
The split is between .0156093906...(3125 / 200200) and .011936592...mm (3125 / 261800).

The thin red line represents the 13:18 π junction based on the crossing blue dotted π lines.

5th triangle

As mentioned within the 5th triangle (16x), the band width and π are now in the upper half
of the pyramid, compared to the previous four where it was in the bottom half of each triangle.
The thin red line completely misses the 32x triangle and any further triangles from here on.

13 and 18

Zeroing further toward the center point π within the triangles using a series of diagrams to
reveal a kite shape, and the measurements contained within it. The first drawing shows the
previously mentioned blue dotted lines passing through grid points 13 and 18, and in the next
drawings joined by other lines that intersect triangle points.

toward the center

kite shape

Tree of Life

Compare to the Tree of Life drawing.

kite hovering 3-d



Pinpointing π began with the Magic Square of the Sun, and ended at a specific location within
the 125 mm tall blue diamond shape set on top of the 3125 mm Pyramid. To continue:

Pinpointing π

154000 times smaller than

This unit 0.02029220...mm tall containing π is 154000 times smaller than the 3125 mm tall Pyramid.
Appearing as suspended it is located deep within the diamond shape and it is the focus now.

16x triangle

Decreasing the magnification of the 16x triangle to show its location.

kite shape

Several measurements involved in this kite shape!


This cube is now the area of focus.

Cube side length

Cube side length .0047559862012987012...mm (9375 / 1971200)

maximum width for this kite shape

At .0009059... mm( 9375/10348800) the dotted lines lock in the maximum width for this kite shape.

At .000905902133580... mm

several measurements and ratios that occur within this cube

Several measurements and ratios that occur within this cube.

Large kite shape:
.00475598620129... / .000905902133580... = 5.250
.00475598620129... / .001811804267161... = 2.625
.00385008406771...(691.0400390625 / 179487) / .000905902133...(162.59765625 / 179487)= 4.250
.00475598620129... .00181180426716...= .00294418193413... / .00181180426716...= 1.625

Both side corners of the main kite shape are also kite shaped

Both side corners of the main kite shape are also kite shaped.

height divided by width ratio of 2.625

The small kite shape has a height divided by width ratio of 2.625

{.00007909873134725... (.0455608692560175 / 576) /
.00003013285003704861... (0.01735652162134 / 576)= 2.625}
{.00007909873134725... (.0455608692560175 / 576) /
.00001506642501852430... (0.00867826081067 / 576)= 5.250}

The red horizontal and vertical π lines is the split result between the red and blue numbers:
.00148715739208... and .00326882880921...

broken 8 figure

This diagram based on the previous one has an exaggerated layout to better clarify the concepts.
Pi expressed as a .00178167... cube, and like a broken 8 figure, flows/loops around the peripheral.
Or from an artists perspective, a butterfly and its reflection.
.00148715739208... x 2= .00297431478417...
.00475598620129... minus .00297431478417...= .00178167141712...mm

Bloch Wall

This work describes the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electromagnetic
energies of the north and south poles (visualize an hourglass). Called a Bloch Wall, it is a neutral
center gravity wave source, and the gap between opposite magnet faces, the junction of two
magnetic poles (north and south).
It is a magnetic flow reversal point also known as a diamagnetic vortex point.

The various lightspeed values reflect force of gravity and increasing mass where distance
contracts and time is slowed. All speed of light measurements thus far have been influenced
by earth gravity. (The current universal speed of light is rounded off to 186282.397 mps.)
Between the small kites’ center at 186282.372...mps and its exterior at and 186282.407...mps.

Aproximate speed of light results:
The small kite shapes' center pinpoints a lightspeed of 186282.3722...mps
299792418.110119...(6295640780.3125 / 21) meters per second
299792457.985119...(6295641617.6875 / 21) meters per second= 186282.3970425...mps
301411.25 / phi 1.618...= 186282.3970915...mps
c = 186282 + (1.25 / π)
Final α lpha result

A method to calculate π:

0.1268262987012... ( 3125 / 24640 ) (previous diagram)
57.705965909090... ( 1421875 / 24640 )
6250 (3125 x 2)
Squared =
Divide into:
π 3.141592653589...

Square and Circle


Splitting A to B linear distances down the middle forever theoretically and adding more and
more digits to pi was an early geometrical approach. Around 250 BC the Greek mathematician
Archimedes began estimating pi using circumscribed and inscribed polygons.
Pi is 3-dimensional, not 2-d as in pie shaped. We always face a spiral, never a circle.

3125 + 57.831305...= 3182.831305...mm from base of pyramid to π within the diamond.

(1/π) x 10.000= 3183.098861... minus π/√(1/α)= 3182.830492... and close to 3182.831305...!

3182.831305... x π= 9999.159445...

Scientists claim that quantum data/information is 10.000 times faster (3.2 x 3125) than light
at nearly 3 trillion meters per second. What if it is instantaneous, and all data/information
old or new already exists. What if light (i.e. information) has no start or end, and no speed,
because speed requires distance, and so light just is, perpetual energy.

This information was contained in an unassuming looking Magic Square of the Sun design,
reputed to be many thousands of years old. To have the knowhow to design something
like this, and make everything fit so perfect is incredible, yet it exists. In conclusion,
pi the mathematical ratio upon which the whole physical universe was designed, is not
just a collection of random numbers caused by a chaotic and ongoing "Big Bang" explosion
as is presumed today, but was perfectly and deliberately designed.

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