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Stonehenge in england and the hunebedden in the netherlands form an angle of 21.99...(7π)°

axial tilt

Our current earth axial tilt of 23.5° minus the 16.5° Stonehenge layout, indicates that prior to the
dinosaur age destruction the axial tilt was only 7°, and more perpendicular to the Sun (no seasons).
The earth had a lush greenhouse like environment and was a perfect place for growing living things.

axial tilt

A third axial tilt is indicated by the central axis point for this amazing great circle.
The azimuthal equidistant projection is centered on the northern axis point.
It is located in the northwestern corner of canada's british columbia.

The day I learned about this circle; I was amazed that this formation actually exists.
However, I was more surprised to discover that I live within the center-dot of it.
A similar coincidental moment occurred while working on Daniels Day.

The perimeter is comprised of ancient structures, and perhaps the central axis point
has a built structure on it. But, since this area has glaciers, snow and ice year-round,
it is probably not visible from the air. The creators of this circle must have had advanced
scientific and technological know-how, aerial capabilities, and I believe future knowledge.

The purpose for the circle, may well be, to show us the new location for the equator,
central axis, and north and south pole locations. If so, what would cause such a shift?
Perhaps, Acts 1:10 followed by Zechariah 14:4 and Revelation 16:18 (phi = 1.618...)
And there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth,
so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

Lastly, the five points of the pentagram star represent the locations for:
1-Giza, 2-Angkor, 3-Anatom Island, 4-Easter Island, 5-Atlantis (?) destroyed +/- 12500 years ago.

Atlantis #5 is one of two intersections between our current equator, and the great circle.

For comparison, this next azimuthal equidistant projection is centered on the north pole.
It is the map used by those promoting a flat earth. Learn about azimuthal map projection.


Stonehenge, hunebedden and the π angle idea resumed:

hunebedden pointer line

The 26.565° between the yellow base and red line is identical to the passageways within
the great pyramid. Again, the angle between the yellow and blue pointer line is (7π)°.


The N.E corner of the netherlands has 54 hunebedden sites mostly in the province of drenthe,
and they are located in a small geographical area.
Perhaps the 54 Hunebedden represent a star-cluster and the blue line pointing to a specific star.

A2(2704) + B2(441) = C2(3145) Accurate to pi 3.14159 and sieve link.

Additional ideas:
Those very large stone formations named Hunebedden in dutch are sometimes translated as graves
of the giants. Some have theorized that these structures were built by the giants who once walked
the earth as the bible claims. Even so, levitating technology was used even thousands of years ago.

The Sons of God in Gen 6:2 simply means angels. Good or bad they are still sons of God, seducing
and impregnating flesh women with their offspring (the giants), being abominable hybrids between
Angels and flesh women they were the giants of (Gen 6:1-6). This was the reason God brought about
noah's flood as the bible clearly states to destroy them. There was another irruption after that and
goliath was one of them.

The heroes of greek mythology have a basis of truth! However, the architect of the great pyramid
is God, not egyptians! The G.P is mentioned in Isaiah 19:19-20. The sum total of the numerical value
of the hebrew text Isaiah 19:19-20 is also the great pyramid's height in pyramid inches from ground
level to the capstone platform. Stonehenge, hunebedden and great pyramid are connected.

A flood may have prevented information sharing through language but saved by these large stone
formations. It is likely that the immense stone structures the world over containing important
knowledge are for our benefit, waiting for the right time when we are ready to understand and
decipher their messages and forewarnings.

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