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c =  π² x 7 x 2701

3 Truths:

pi (π) = 3.1415926535...

7 is the number of Spiritual perfection


genesis 1:1

Great Pyramid

Genesis 1:1 and the Great Pyramid seem to indicate that the speed of light at the transition
point between electromagnetic frequencies and matter is 186604.610...miles per second.

The Great Pyramid has a unique slope angle of 51° 51' of arc = 186600 arc seconds.
(In the decimal system as 51.84°)

π2 x 7 x 2701= 186604.610... miles per second, and these numbers also hint at alpha:
√186604.610... = 431.977... / π = 137.50272724568...2 = 18907 (7 x 2701)
√18907 = 137.50272724568... (1 / .00727258302...)

c = π² x 73 x 7 x 37
73 x 37= 2701

Here are my attempts to understand the "point of transition" between energy and matter:

matrix grid

Perhaps the cosmos is comprised of a harmonious grid matrix, interwoven by electromagnetic
spectrum frequency waves comprised of non-prime numbers like finely woven threads of fabric,
where prime numbers in this grid matrix are like pockets encapsulated by the
non-prime numbered frequencies, and represent things visible.

harmonious matrix of space and time

Electromagnetic frequency waves and where the orange lines represent equal spacing.

wave and particle

Intersecting frequency waves (electromagnetic energies) result in packets (particles) of
information, like knots in the mesh of a net. Perhaps those "knots" (Higgs bosons?) the smallest
particles found, are the result of just two intersecting frequencies, and where larger particles
are the result of more than two intersecting frequencies, called photons, atoms etc. Quantum
theory states that waves can behave as particles and particles can behave as waves. Energy and
mass (wave and particle) is the same thing, and mass is simply very tightly packed energy like
the knots in a net. Any such knot has an identical twin that exists on the other side. The two
exist simultaneously in the now irrespective of distance, and are in perfect synchronization
with each other, if one is up the other is down. Now = No Time.

gravity increases and time slows

Pushed or pulled together (attraction) the Intersecting frequency waves form a particle while
stretching and bending like rubber bands, creating gravity in the process. Towards the center
of mass, gravity increases and time slows. Somehow an acceleration of mass creates gravity
forces. The interlocking frequencies appear bending, stretched and knotted, but cover the
distance between the orange lines in the same amount of time as before.

electromagnetic frequencies untangle

When particles (mass) separate and the electromagnetic frequencies untangle, it appears that
the waves like stretched fabric revert to their original length, speed, and space-time in the
"nothingness" of free space vacuum! Interestingly, apparently information/data or thought
transfer occurs at the speed of maximum gravity or no time, which is at least 9817.47... times
faster than the speed of light. A scientific fact.

infinity line

Increasing mass where distance contracts and time is slowed:

The measured distance along the red infinity π line from the center is gradual and even, but when
the radius is squared and divided with the square’s area number 125000000 to get the numbers
on the red infinity line, the numbers increase or slow rapidly depending on the direction of travel.
The spaces between the numbers decrease very fast the closer to the center they get, while the
numbers increase in size.

This acceleration of numbers towards the center, or core, may represent increasing force of gravity
and simultaneous slowing of time, occurring in all forms of substance, ranging from atoms to planets
to galaxies. Whereas increasing number spacings away from mass, represents an increasing speed of
gravity, which may one day be used as a faster way to communicate and travel. Gravity propagates
much faster than the speed of light. (the increasing and predictable intervals in prime numbers)

Perhaps the center of mass, an area of no time, is a container for concentrated mass, i.e. light,
i.e. information. And, π may identify the c-constant at 186282.397...mps, where light is condensed
enough to be called matter, and show that the acceleration of mass creates gravity forces, which
creates light waves.

The infinity line goes in both directions, so toward the center and out there is the same thing.
(The center described as reversal point.)
The speed of light constant as measured in a vacuum and zero gravity cannot be exceeded.
Except information/data (i.e. matter) at c * 10.000, (speed of gravity)

electromagnetic frequencies

Light (prime patterns) = Information/Data: bits (like ones and zeros) = Mathematical precision and
Design. Energy = Matter

Gravity Field Chart

Gravity Field Chart

Gravity bends light and time and it affects the speed of light measurements, and since the
gravitational field fluctuates worldwide, the speed of light varies depending on where the
measurements are made. (The universal speed of light is rounded off to 186282.397 mps.)

pi in the sky

Like oil on water this thin film separates the ionosphere from the bottom layers; meso, strato,
and troposphere. "The ionosphere starts at about 43-50 miles (70-80 km) high and continues for
hundreds of miles (about 400 miles = 640 km). It contains many ions and free electrons (plasma).
The ions are created when sunlight hits atoms and tears off some electrons.
Auroras occur in the ionosphere."


Speed of light @ transformation 186604.610...mps (Thin film bottom layer) (π² x 7 x 2701)


This shows a link between the value of pi and speed of light.
The arched line from the base of the pyramid to 186282.397...mps.

(There is a speed reversal between the two circles, centering on 186282.397...mps)


185971.2156...........mps on the gravity boundary and ionosphere.
186282.3722.............mps = small kite shape center.
186282.397.........mps light speed conclusion!
186282.3970.........mps 301411.25 / phi 1.61803398...
186282.4071.............mps @ small kite shape exterior.
186604.6104...........mps transformation point between EM frequencies (light) and matter (physical)
190073.8953.............mps (3.2) @ Earth surface (π x 60502.4)
7424761537677.7775...mps (125000000) @ Earth center (π x 2363375000000)

2363375000000 / 60502.4= 39062500
2363375000000 / 125000000 @ Earth center= 18907 and 60502.4
/ (3.2)= 18907 (7 x 2701)
7424761537677.7775... / 186604.6104...= 39788735.772... & (125000000 / 39788735.772...= π

Increasing mass where distance contracts and time is slowed (Illustration):

186282.372265...mps = 1609.34399999543692830...meters
186282.397091...mps = 1609.34399999543692828...meters
186604.610411...mps = 1609.34399999527077805...meters
190073.895364...mps = 1609.34399999500674089...meters
(Clocks do run slower in the basement.)

Information/data speed observations at 10,000 times c the speed of light:

The visible physical limit is at 3.2 (the sphere and cube lines meet), and π 3.141... just beyond it.

This next example reflects the 360-day idea and shows close values.
A cube side length of 5000 divided by 3125= 1.6 x 2= 3.2 @ earth surface.
Lightspeed 186624 x 3125= 583200000 x 3.2= 1866240000 (c x 10.000) or 10.000 x the speed of c.
π x 3125 @ 3.2= 9817.47...
3.2 x 9817.47...= 31415.9265358...

Transmission speeds of information/data:
583200000 x 3.2 @ Earth’s surface = 1866240000 mps (c x 10.000)
583200000 x 125000000 @ Earth’s center = 72900000000000000 mps (c x 390625000000)
If an information transmission of 72900000000000000 mps @ earth's center (125000000) divided
by lightspeed 7422545454545.45...mps= 9821.42...(137500/14), and similarly on earth’s surface
(3.2) @ 1866240000 mps divided by lightspeed 190017.16...mps= 9821.42..., the conclusion is that
information or data transfer occurs at a fixed rate, and is at least 9821.42... times faster then
the speed of light whether in vacuum or solid.

Another idea:
3182.831305... x π= 9999.159445...
Scientists claim that quantum data/information is 10.000 times faster (3.2 x 3125) than light
at nearly 3 trillion meters per second. What if it is instantaneous, and all data/information
old or new already exists. What if light (i.e. information) has no start or end, and no speed,
because speed requires distance, and so light just is, perpetual energy.

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