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kryptos sculpture


A book I read November 26, 2009 mentioned the Kryptos sculpture which after many years
remains unsolved. This puzzle caught my interest and I set about that evening to look it over
for clues. After seeing the letter code, my attention soon shifted to the shape and patterns
of the sculpture itself, the code layout and key printout.

shape and patterns

My way of show and tell as to what I did is through a series of images mainly. Using grid paper
and 26 x 26 columns for the letters of the alphabet, I wrote this part of the key on it. Then I
outlined with black lines the Kryptos words and added red folding lines.

26 x 26 columns

S- shape

 Folding step in preparation for...

life and renewal

(Notice the S- shape in both)


When rotating the ends of the paper model together so they meet as opposites it forms
the tetrahedron shape.

hyper tetrahedron

It becomes a Pyramid shaped form known as a double tetrahedron (diamond shape), which has
six 45 x 45 x 90 angle-based triangle faces normally, but here one is folded under so only 5 are
shown (a hyper-tetrahedron). The double tetrahedron might be the basic building structure in
an atom's nucleus and make up. This tetrahedron shape is found in the make-up of the materials
used in the sculpture such as the quartz etc., on an atomic level. In Trigonometry a circumscribed
tetrahedron has a sine of 19° 28' 15.6" X 2= 38°56' 31.2"N x 2= 77°53' 2.4"W. The coordinates
show a place on Rectortown rd., Rectortown, Virginia, which is located 8 miles from Mount
Weather which is a top-security vast underground bunker installation an hour's drive from
Washington DC. And they are not very far from the Kryptos sculpture coordinate numbers:
38°57' 6.5"N and 77°08' 44"W

tetrahedron shape

Perhaps the missing triangle represents the whirlpool hole located next to the sculpture, and
maybe James Sanborn had in mind life and renewal when he created this sculpture. I base that
conclusion on the materials he chose to incorporate, and that originally, he intended to have a
living tree where now the whirlpool is. Furthermore, the placement of the rocks on angles is
another deliberate clue.

james sanborn

When folding the paper, the letters X and W overlap K and R, and when doing them all, A becomes
L, B- J, C- I, etc. Therefore, it creates a second level of letters, but I am not familiar with encryption.

More clues and ideas:

The left top code panel has 436 characters total, consisting of 433 letters and 3 question marks.
The bottom code panel has 434 characters consisting of 433 letters and 1 question mark. The key
panels have 433 and 434 each.

This may indicate a link to speed of light. Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation of energy and matter,
where E= energy, m= matter, and where c2= the universal constant speed of light, or 186624 miles
per second, or 4322.

When the Kryptos location coordinates 38°57' 6.5" N and 77°08' 44" W are added and subtracted
from each other, they become: 38°11' 37.5" N and 116°05' 50.5" W. Those coordinates are
located in Nye County, Nevada. The Nevada Nuclear test site and the proposed Yucca Mountain
Nuclear waste repository are located there. Nuclear reactor fuel and other radioactive waste
would be, or is placed, in a deep geological repository i.e. "Vault".

Clues in Sanborn's decrypted messages talk about "invisible", "underground", "buried" and "Langley".
Could this be the Nasa 'Langley' Research Centre where they do research on Nuclear Physics for
space missions? Perhaps those coordinates to that location in Nye County are part of this puzzle.


Lastly, an interesting pattern are the 9 spaces separating N and Y as well as Y and E.

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