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The Ark

The Ark is often wrongly depicted like so:

Exodus chapters 25-28

Exodus chapters 25-28 (kjv) has exact Ark construction details.

Pay careful attention to amounts, shape and dimensions. The materials named represent properties that are magnetic vs. non-magnetic, electrically conductive materials such as gold, iron etc., insulation (skins) etc., wiring (curtain, loops, taches) etc. (There are 50 of each and only 48 magnets (boards), so 2 extra wires and hooks.) For example, the mercy seat consisting of cherubims are made of pure gold which is electrically conductive but non-magnetic like copper, and the boards made of chittim wood represent iron (magnetic). The Ark pattern occurs in various places in the Bible such as Revelation 4 verses 1-11, Ezekiel 1 etc. More on this later.

If you followed the instructions exactly the result should look like this.

The Ark pattern


electromagnetic forces

24 elders sitting in a circle

The bars added and the upper part is complete. Now read Revelation 4 verses 1-11 and the 24 elders sitting in a circle casting their crowns before the throne which is in the very center. Perhaps the crowns represent electrons. Furthermore, the four beasts representing the center unit (4 T's) are called living creatures in Ezekiel 1.
There are no moving parts. The only thing moving are electromagnetic forces!

The unit is resting on capacitor plates. There are several verses in the Bible where someone accidentally touched the ark and died. Capacitors are dangerous and provide electric shocks that can kill, as in 1 Chronicle 13:9-10 where Uzza accidentally put forth his hand to the ark and died right there. He was electrocuted!
Here are several doubloons showing the identical Ark pattern.


doubloon 2

doubloon 3

And food for thought, it was not just Spain that carried the image of the ark pattern on their coins. The importance of this pattern was known hundreds of years ago by a few, but not the majority of people.

It is interesting that the candlestick or Menorah is also often wrongly depicted as 2-dimensional.


star of david

delayed current flow

In reality it is 3-dimensional and the candlestick knops should make sense now. Indicating a 3-d unit and the staggered delayed current flow 1-2-3 or 3-2-1.


The familiar Swastika symbol indicates a counter clockwise flow.


implosion theory

Party Levitation explained:



Party levitation always requires 5 people, one in the center and the other four are the lifters. In this machine the four rings and staves represent the four people.

levitating angel

Observe the same pattern. Many clues in this drawing some of which are covered in the previous page. But several should be obvious now: Four people and one levitating angel in the centre. The wheel, heavy to light objects turning in a counter clockwise direction but blocked by a bar. The wind (current) blows west to east (angel's hair), as is the Sun shining, and in the angel's right hand is a battery and two wires with hooks.


Current positive and negative

Current positive and negative.

secret lifting technology

Did the Nazis have this lifting technology figured out, or almost? Ed Leedskalnin did, and anyone can go and visit his amazing work. From the Great Pyramid to many other places in the world incredibly huge stones were moved. And in the words of Nikola Tesla: The only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force.

It is very likely that this technology as described in Ezekiel 1 and other places was perfected again and exists now. And, it is also plausible that under Oak Island very important historical, religious and technological information is hidden. There is now a major effort underway to finally reach and access the money pit vault and tunnel system. Perhaps in the next few years they will be successful, and we "may" find out what's there.

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