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Edward Leedskalnin was an immigrant from Latvia to the United States of America, settling in the town of Florida City, where he proceeded to build (all by himself) Coral Castle, which he later moved to Homestead, FL. You can appreciate this truth better when you realize that Coral Castle is a site consisting of 10 acres surrounded by 8' high coral blocks, blocks weighing around 10, 20 and upwards of 30 tons each. He claimed to know the secret to how the Pyramids of Egypt were build, and he has demonstrated his claim convincingly. Today it is a tourist attraction.

Throughout history levitation technology has been used the world over by some in secret. Stonehenge and other such sites in various places on this Earth, contain plenty of evidence that huge blocks of stone were transported often over great distances. Levitation technology is not new, but there is no money in free non-polluting energy and if everyone had access to it, it would result in a big loss for a few in money, power, and control. So, it is not a surprise that this technology is kept secret. Former Presidents have asked for answers to UFO and related phenomena and were denied. There are those who have positioned themselves between God and man, by placing themselves in charge over the people of the world while hiding behind the scenes, political and otherwise.

The basic patterns of this levitating machine’s design and its parts are prominently displayed in various places, mostly as religious architecture, writings, and paintings, attesting to its importance. God is the Creator, and for Him "there is no new thing under the sun..." Ecclesiastes 1:9. Nevertheless there are those who have found, taken and hidden away some of God's information, scientific principles, etc., right from under our noses. It is true that it is our own fault for not questioning more and seeking out information for ourselves. However, anyone not willing to share important information with others, and who are only interested in benefiting themselves, where in the Bible does God agree with that? Unfortunately, it is easy to steal from people if they insist on not seeing and hearing. Hitler's quote "What good fortune for governments that the people do not think”.

Ed Leedskalnin rediscovered and used this technology, but a person levitating huge blocks of stone would definitely attract attention from interested parties! As mentioned, there are those who for their own selfish and maybe even evil reasons, steal and keep from others things of great value and power. Therefore, it is likely that after Ed's sudden death objects were removed from his property, like the box that you can see in the picture (below) sitting on top of the tripod! Why a box on top of a tripod? It looks like "the Ark" ratios 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.5. It may have contained the machine that made object to be lifted lighter temporarily. A machine perhaps with no moving parts but a method to make current flow in a very specific way. There would have been no sound involved except for maybe a slight hum. Most objects at coral castle are mainly a display of clues with things added and left out.

Whenever Ed was asked: "Why did you build it?" He would always say, "Someday, my Sweet 16 will come". He was not talking about a real girl but π, which is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and the "sweet spot"! Many clues pointing to π were placed in pyramids and other ancient structures, just as Ed left similar clues on his property.

Levitation has to do with temporarily blocking and redirecting the natural flow of electromagnetic currents, and π has everything to with levitation. Π is the magnetic flow reversal point also known as a diamagnetic vortex point. And, π is also a time lock for an exact timetable as described in more detail in π Calculations and Daniels Days.

Why do some individuals or groups hide certain truths from others? They did it years ago and still do today, but equally puzzling is the fact that not more people want to seek out truths. For example, many people who visit the Great Pyramid do not give much thought as to how or why the Great Pyramid was build. They also do not care to understand the real meaning of the Washington monument, or why Area 51 has the same number as the Great Pyramid's unique slope angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes of arc, and why so many supposedly smart aliens kept crashing their advanced flying discs, and mainly in the American deserts!

edward leedskalnin





There are several clues in Ed's picture, like the shape of his tie and the black and white pictures he had taken of himself showing opposites (+ and -) as in electrical current.

star of david

The Admission-Container shaped like the Star of David is where people had to drop ten cents, and then they could take a tour of Ed's property. The Star of David sits on the tip of the pyramid just as a star sits on top of a Christmas tree. The money drop marks π as you can see. (The gap width as described in π Calculations.)

Ed wrote: "THE SECRET TO THE UNIVERSE IS 7129 / 6105195"
7+1+2+9= 19 and 6+1+0+5+1+9+5= 27 (3 x 3 x 3 cube)
19 x 27= 513 or 1 and 512
1 / 512= .001953125 and 1 / .0512= 19.53125 x 5.12= 100

rock gate

Ed wrote, "Following is the result of my 2 years experiment with magnets at Rock Gate, 17 miles Southwest from Miami, Florida. Between 25 and 26 Latitude and 80 and 81 Longitude West." Adds to 106 (4 x 26.5) or 3 x 106= 318
The box on top of the tripod may have contained the working machine. What happened to it? Also, notice that his living quarters is shaped as a 3 x 3 x 3 cube.(The Moon fits the square and cube of 3)

magnets at rock gate

Ed's display machine is incomplete, however the design that it is based on is a pattern displayed in various locations all over the world attesting to its importance and obviously understood by a few. Below are several examples such as Palace Square St. Petersburg, Russia; St. Peter's Square; and the Washington monument.
They all have in common the four points with the main post "obelisk" at their centre.


This pattern including obvious levitation displays can be observed in architecture, sculpture, paintings, stained glass, kings crowns, etc. And it is found in biblical text, like the "wheels" described in the book of Ezekiel.


"To Be or not To Be" and "The Tempest"

Several clues: 7 rings to hold up the curtain; the kite shape has a 1.25 ratio (the vertical divided by the horizontal); four men and one angel (the ratio required in party levitation). The Tree of Life diagram was hidden within the drawing, and Franc_ has (is) missing and Baconi has an (i) attached. Shake spear or sir Francis Bacon?
"They" went through a lot of effort to conceal information!
There is just a 27-year (3³) difference between this map dated 1642 and the 1669 Oak Island map.

tree of life

Tree of Life.

Important information was obviously concealed in plain sight in various art works like the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, to written text and architecture ranging from government buildings to churches and cathedrals worldwide, as well as much older displays such as the Nazca lines in South America and the Great Pyramid.

A famous painter, the French painter Nicolas Poussin commented that he had a secret. In a letter written in 1656, he stated that it was "immensely powerful". However, he expressed great doubt that anyone would discover it for centuries. (1656 is midway between the two above mentioned maps dated 1642 and 1669)

Considering the huge effort to hide something "they" deemed so important, it is very possible that the answer to this secret levitation knowhow was hidden under Canada's Oak Island, which is part of the province of Nova Scotia.
Prior to the early part of 1600 Nova Scotia was called Arcadia and an interesting painting exists with this name in it. This painting has some very interesting clues in it just like the Mona Lisa painting!

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