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Square and Circle

This method uses Pythagorean squares to make the areas of a square and circle approximately equal to π.
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squaring the circle

circle radius

3.144654... was the first of two numbers required to acquire 3.141602..., which provided the starting point to demonstrate a unique series of steps to zero in on π 3.1415926...
The explanation for the second number 3.139907... continues in Stonehenge and Hunebedden.

Enlarging the junction between the square and circle to show additional information that exists there.



Physical limit 3.2


At this point I had an interesting idea. Noah's Ark dimensions were 300 x 50 x 30 = 380, so by following the previous method: 380 / 7 = 54.285714... + 6250 = 6304.285714...2 = 39744018.36. Then 125000000 / 39744018.36 = 3.145127372. This number is close to the blue line, π, and it gave me the idea of time lines.

Square and Circle (Spiral) (If r= 1 then L= √ π)
A Square side (L)ength of 11180.3398874989...²= 125000000
Circle (r)adius= 6307.8313050504...
Squared =
Multiplied by
π 3.14159265358979323...

The orange triangle represents the 5000 mm by 3125 mm Pyramid covered in the Sun Magic Square, Proof π is by Design and Planet diameter pages, and the blue circle represents π 3.141592653589...

When working towards π and using seemingly straight linear measurements to the top, or the four corners converging point of the pyramid at "3.2" signifying the visible physical limit, we enter the unseen realm. This last stretch shows the illusion of straight lines because in actuality they are arched.

infinity π line

The measured distance along the red infinity π line from the center is gradual and even, but when the radius is squared and divided with the square’s area number 125000000 to get the numbers on the red infinity line, the numbers increase or slow rapidly depending on the direction of travel. The spaces between the numbers decrease very fast the closer to the center they get while the numbers increase in size. (Primes & Pattern)

This acceleration/deceleration of numbers representing the force of gravity shows that it is faster than the speed of light. So π identifies the speed of light constant where light becomes condensed enough to be called matter, and it also shows that the acceleration of mass creates gravity forces which creates light waves.
(For more on this idea read the light speed page)

axial tilt

The difference between this Axial tilt at 26.565 and Earth’s present day tilt of 23.5 degrees is 3 degrees.

diamond cut

All eight Pythagorean 3-4-5 units combined. Imagine what a beautiful diamond cut this design would make.

Plato insisted that squaring the circle (a square equal in area to that of a given circle) can be solved with a straightedge and compass only.

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