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The Great Pyramid's Hidden Chamber

When superimposing the King's Chamber over the Queen's Chamber which is located on the central Pyramid axis, it suggests that approximately 50 ft. below the Queen’s Chamber and resting on natural rock there is a hidden chamber. Which at a minimum has the same dimensions as the coffer in the King’s Chamber. Measuring 5449 Pyramid inches upward from that location is the converging point, or top of the Great Pyramid.

Great Pyramid

King's Chamber

The King's Chamber superimposed over the Queen's Chamber

hidden chamber

5449 is the sum total of the numerical value of the Hebrew text of Isaiah 19:19-20, and it is the Great Pyramid's height in Pyramid inches measured from its perimeter sitting on natural ground level, to the platform (without capstone). So, 5449 Pyramid inches upward from the suspected hidden chamber sitting on the natural rock, and the Pyramid's central vertical axis is the converging point of the four corners, or pinnacle of the Great Pyramid.

The King's Chamber superimposed over the Queen's Chamber will point its Star vents in new directions.
Accurate measurements may yield interesting results.

Four amazing facts:
1. Light speed (c) at nearly 299792458 meters per second, virtually matches the geographic coordinate numbers of 29.9792458°N for the Great Pyramid of Giza.
2. They encoded phi and pi into their structure in a way so precise that no modern architecture can.
3. The pyramid complex perfectly aligns with Orion’s belt.
4. The resonant frequency of the four chambers of the pyramids match that of DNA.

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