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Oak Island

While reading Oak Island Gold by William S Crooker, September 2008, and seeing the megalithic cross that
Fred Nolan had discovered on Oak Island in 1981 some things quickly became apparent to me.
The arms of the cross measure 360' x 2= 720' (3 x 3= 9 and 6 x 6= 36), and page 175 mentions an old lock with a cross-shaped keyhole found amongst various artifacts on Oak Island, which would have required 2 keys to unlock.
It suggests the squares 3 and 6 are the two keys required to unlock the secret of Oak Island.

The "two keys" map pointing to the treasure, is simple, ingenious, and geometrically very accurate.
If Oak Island represents a lock, the cross the key entrance, and the two squares the keys, then the world could represent a treasure box. Oak Island's latitude and longitude 44N + 64W = 108 (36 x 3).

Another book on Oak Island and its relationship to Shakespeare speculates there may be things buried of historical and religious significance, and I speculate that it may include something of a technological nature as well.

A huge effort was made to conceal the treasure and many clever clues were left, obviously with the intent that someone in the future could figure them out and recover the treasure. Why did they go through all this trouble? Some have suggested that it was meant to stay buried. But had "they" wanted the treasures to never see the light of day, they could have just dropped them into the ocean somewhere. The amount of effort that went into hiding the treasure and leaving so many clues about it meant that it could and should be recovered later.

Some of the clues may relate to verses from the Bible, like the 2 keys mentioned in Revelation 1:18 held by Jesus Christ, or specific numbers such as the 111 ft. level where the flood tunnel enters the pit. Revelation 1:11 and Isaiah 11:1 is about Jesus Christ. There are other such clues, so the treasure may be of a religious nature.

The verb pirate was first recorded in 1574, so is it Pi-rate or rate of pi, and is the treasure just gold or much more than that such as hidden knowledge? Pirating also means taking something that does not belong to you! However,
in this case they knew that they would not return to recover the treasure and benefit personally in their lifetime. Their main aim was to protect the treasure and keep it from falling into the wrong hands possibly. All speculation as to who are “they” and from whom they are hiding what from? There may be several burial sites and one much more important than the other. Perhaps the money pit is just a diversion from the real treasure.

Information in this page may help to do a more careful probing and excavation. And, the work and recovery
of everything found should be completely open and transparent!

oak island cross

Oak Island Cross 867' x 720' consists of 6 cone shaped boulders each weighing approximately 10 Tons.
The first key, the 6 x 6 Magic square of the Sun Cross dimension shown here in orange is 810' x 720'.
The arms for the actual O.I cross and the Sun square cross match @ 360' each. (clarification bottom of page)

two keys

The magic square of the Sun and the first of two keys. (Just showing the inner 5 x 5 square from here on)

fred nolan’s house coconut fiber

Two key stones form the foundation for the entire grid layout. One stone is in front of Fred Nolan’s house on the beach and the other one on the South end of the Island in the middle of the triangular pattern.
Not having read anywhere else about this stone it may be a new discovery.

red line

It appears that the two large stones at each end of the red line were used to lay out the entire grid pattern.

the arms of the oak island cross

When superimposing the arms of the cross belonging to the 6 x 6 square over the arms of the oak island cross,
until the two pairs of arms match, in conjunction with the red line and the two end stones,
it means that the first key, the magic square of the Sun is locked into place.

The end of this page has accurate measurements that can be used to pinpoint the Money Pit.

lines intersect the money pit

The second key, the 3 x 3 magic square (Saturn) overlays of the first key, the 6 x 6 magic square of the Sun.
The blue and yellow lines intersect the money pit, and it is one of two possible treasure locations.

7 by 8 by 4

The final direction given on Captain Kidd’s upside-down map of Oak Island as 7 By 8 By 4 is no longer a mystery!
The numbers come from .142857... (1 / 7), or the ballpark π we learn in school 22 / 7 = 3.142857...
Separate the numbers 1 4...2 8...5 7

1.....2.....5             =           125 cube = 5 x 5 x 5
4.....8.....7              =           Triangle line of second key, 4 to 8 to 7 and (blue line) back to 4.

westford boat stone

The Westford boat stone inscription was thought to read 1 by 8 by 4, however the number 1 is meant to be a 7. (Captain Kidd map numbers 7,8,4) Look closely as the top part of the 7 was either naturally rubbed of or done on purpose. It looks like a treasure stone marker taken from Oak Island or placed at a distance pointing to the Island.

stone triangle

The stone triangle (second key #7), 483' south of the money pit is not there anymore, nor are the many drilled stones used for survey rod purposes. This triangle shows the angle variance between the blue line and North arrow.

There is an interesting quote taken from Oak Island Gold page 178, where it mentions how several boulders were moved before it was understood that they were part of the large megalithic Christian Cross:
"There's a big rock up there in the field, a great big boulder. We took the bulldozer and the backhoe, rolled it over and out of the way and there underneath were pieces of an old wrought iron potbellied stove... How it ever got down there is beyond me... Fred was really surprised and we kept digging and digging and found other pieces of stuff there, too, like knives and forks. I don't know how a big rock ever got on top of all that. Why would someone go to all the trouble of digging a hole, burying all that stuff and then rolling a big rock like that over it? It just doesn't make any sense." Clearly, much damage has been done in the search for treasure.

They did not have large cranes to place a large 10-ton boulder on top of these items.
Was it to demonstrate that levitation (anti-gravity) methods do exist? Just 100 years ago the idea
of airplanes flying in the sky would have been considered impossible by most people.

Identical numbers occur in the magic square of the Sun, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Oak Island etc. There are important things hidden on Oak Island, in or near the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Nazca lines in South America. "...for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known." (Matt 10:26)

location for the money pit

Earlier I stated that the intersection between the blue and yellow line marks the location for the money pit and is one of two locations containing treasure. Perhaps the second location is much more significant, because within this diamond shape is the location for the Tree of Life and π.
Those pages describe a specific location for π as well as accurate time lines.
It is likely that the money pit contains gold and other valuables, but perhaps its main purpose was to divert attention away from the second location containing important knowledge and specific technological information. The architects behind the Oak Island operation were determined to keep very important items safe for a long time. This required serious knowhow, backing and funding by certain foreign governments. Think about it, no pirate in his right mind would bury a fortune in gold knowing that he could never access it again!

money pit

Tons of coconut fibers were used in the construction of water traps in the money pit and the tunnels leading to it from the beach. Sir Francis Bacon (Shakespeare) had Masonic and Rosicrucian like philosophic ideas as seen in his work New Atlantis. There are numerous clues and R.C. is one of them. The definition for coirs is coconut fiber.

Down to the top of the chamber or treasure vault is 154 ft. pi is alluded to in the Bible often. Example:
John 21:11 Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: Matthew 17:27 and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: … i.e. Circular!
153 + 1 = 154
154 / 49 = 3.142857... (22/7)

The technological information that I alluded to earlier is the Biblical Ark and its parts. This machine can levitate objects, itself, and can produce/create unlimited free and clean energy. What it looks like is to some degree explained in page Levitation. It is also frequently described throughout the Bible, including matching shapes and numbers, as in Exodus chapters 25-28, Revelation 4: 1-11, and Ezekiel 1, and there are others.

This machine has the ability to block and reverse gravity. In the words of Nikola Tesla: The only force you need to counter is the electromagnetic force. As you can imagine a working anti-gravity devise operating on unlimited clean and free electromagnetic energy would change everything on this planet.

Here follows accurate maps and measurements using the squares 3 and 6 as covered earlier. The exact location of the Christian Cross boulders are known, including the two at each end of the red line. With this additional information there are various measuring possibilities that could be used to locate the Money Pit.

The two squares

The two squares (keys).

7 By 8 By 4

“7 By 8 By 4“
The distance between the two key stones (red line) times 3.2 = a side measurement for the 6 x 6 square.

the Money Pit

One arm of the cross AE @ 360 ft. = 333.333... (1000/3) mm.
Based on that the following measurements:
AB = 1875mm = 2025'
AC = 1041.666…mm (3125/3) = 1125'
AH = 933.333…mm (2800/3) = 1008'
CB = 833.333…mm (2500/3) = 900'
DE = 625mm = 675'
DF = 750mm = 810'
FE = 125mm = 135'
DG = 1200mm = 1296'
EG & HM = 575mm = 621'
GM = 600mm = 648'
GJ = 500mm = 540'
JM = 100mm = 108'
K (stone triangle location) pointing to M (money pit) = 483' + 4' = 487, and a clue to “7 By 8 By 4“.

(A) represents the boulder in front of Fred Nolan’s house on the beach. It is one of 6 cone shaped boulders making up the cross. The cross is physically present, its dimensions are known, and can be used as a starting point leading to the Money Pit. There are various measuring options such as E to G = 621', right 90°, and G to M = 648'.

But perhaps the easiest method: Angle DG▼DM = 26.565°

DM = 1341.640786...mm (√1800000) = 1448.972049...ft. (√2099520)

( √2099520 / √1800000 = 1.08 )


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