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The Value of Pi

Pinpointing π

Pinpointing π began with the Magic Square of the Sun and Pyramid information discovery from the previous page.
It ended at a specific location within the 125 mm tall blue diamond shape set on top of the 3125 mm Pyramid.

154000 times smaller than

This unit 0.02029220...mm tall containing π is 154000 times smaller than the 3125 mm tall Pyramid.
Appearing as suspended it is located deep within the diamond shape and it is the focus of this page.

16x triangle

Decreasing the magnification of the 16x triangle to show its location.

kite shape

Several measurements involved in this kite shape!


This cube is now the area of focus.

Cube side length

Cube side length .0047559862012987012...mm (9375 / 1971200)

maximum width for this kite shape

At .000905902133580... mm ( 9375 / 10348800) the dotted lines lock in the maximum width for this kite shape.

At .000905902133580... mm

several measurements and ratios that occur within this cube
Several measurements and ratios that occur within this cube.

Large kite shape:
.0047559862012987012... / .0009059021335807050... = 5.250
.0047559862012987012... / .0018118042671614100... = 2.625
.0038500840677179962...(691.0400390625 / 179487) / .0009059021335807050...(162.59765625 / 179487)= 4.250
.0047559862012987012... .001811804267161410...= .002944181934137291... / .001811804267161410...= 1.625

Both side corners of the main kite shape are also kite shaped

Both side corners of the main kite shape are also kite shaped.

height divided by width ratio of 2.625

The small kite shape has a height divided by width ratio of 2.625
.00007909873134725... (.0455608692560175 / 576) / .00003013285003704861... (0.01735652162134 / 576)= 2.625
.00007909873134725... (.0455608692560175 / 576) / .00001506642501852430... (0.00867826081067 / 576)= 5.250

The red horizontal and vertical π lines is the unique split result between the red and blue numbers:
.00148715739208... and .00326882880921...

broken 8 figure

This diagram based on the previous one has an exaggerated layout so as to better clarify the concepts.
Pi expressed as a .001781671... cube, and like a broken 8 figure, flows/loops around the peripheral.
Or from an artists perspective, a butterfly and its reflection.
.00148715739208... x 2= .00297431478417...
.00475598620129... minus .00297431478417...= .00178167141712...mm

Bloch Wall

This work describes the point of division of the circling vortex, or spin, of the electromagnetic energies of the north and south poles (visualize an hourglass). Called a Bloch Wall, it is a neutral center gravity wave source, and the gap between opposite magnet faces, the junction of two magnetic poles (north and south). It is a magnetic flow reversal point also known as a diamagnetic vortex point.

See this cube as spherical, narrow end of a cone like the nib of a pen, or the centre of a lens where alpha (α) at 185971.215...mps and transformation point (c) at 186604.610...mps represent its exterior and interior surfaces.

The various lightspeed values reflect force of gravity and increasing mass where distance contracts and time is slowed. All speed of light measurements thus far have been influenced by earth gravity.
(The current universal speed of light is rounded off to 186282.397 mps.)
It resides between the small kites’ center and its exterior at 186282.372...mps and 186282.407...mps respectively.

Aproximate speed of light numbers:
The small kite shapes' center pinpoints a lightspeed of 186282.3722...mps
299792418.110119...(6295640780.3125 / 21) meters per second
299792457.985119...(6295641617.6875 / 21) meters per second= 186282.3970425...mps
301411.25 / Phi 1.618...= 186282.3970915...mps
c = 186282 + (1.25 / π) perhaps

Click for further explanations.

This method to calculate π began in page one:

0.1268262987012... ( 22763.671875 / 179487 ) (Diagram at the top of this page)
57.705965909090... ( 634.765625 / 11 )
6250 (3125 x 2)
Squared =
Divide into:
π 3.141592653589...

Square and Circle


Splitting A to B linear distances down the middle forever theoretically and adding more and more digits to π was an early geometrical approach. Around 250 BC the Greek mathematician Archimedes began estimating π using circumscribed and inscribed polygons. However, think of pi as 3-dimensional not 2-d as in pie shaped.
We always face a spiral, never a circle.

3125 + 57.831305...= 3182.83130505...mm from base of pyramid is the exact location for π within the diamond.

This precise and complex information is contained in an unassuming looking Magic Square of the Sun design, reputedly many thousands of years old. Detecting amazing numbers and patterns is one thing, but to have the knowhow to design something like this, and make everything fit so perfectly is quite another. Yet it exists, and in conclusion π 3.141592653... the mathematical ratio upon which the whole physical universe was designed, is not just a collection of random numbers caused by a chaotic and ongoing "Big Bang" explosion as is presumed today, but was perfectly and deliberately designed.

Unfortunately, "Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore, and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief." - Frantz Fanon

Albert Einstein

"Reality (time) is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
Albert Einstein

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