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DNA and Prime Numbers

While working on Primes and Patterns and discovering frequency patterns beginning with frequencies #1 and #3 as shown here, it occurred to me that there might be a connection between prime numbers and DNA. These concepts are difficult to explain, so I will continue to tweak this page every so often in an attempt to better clarify them.


zero points

dna twist

threaded rod

dna ladder

dna model twist


And a connection to this verse perhaps: "Or ever the silver cord be loosed," Ecclesiastes 12:6 KJV

rope braiding


dna tube

Evolution vs. Creation - Quotations

“Early microbes, probably blue-green algae or bacterialike organisms, invented photosynthesis to harness sunlight as a source of energy. They took carbon dioxide out of the air as their food, and they generated oxygen as a waste product that further transformed the atmosphere and hence the climate. They developed DNA for storing information, invented sex, which produced variation for natural selection, and evolution took off on its unending and largely unpredictable course.

On the other hand

“In the beginning God created

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