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DNA and Prime Numbers

While working on Primes and Patterns and discovering frequency patterns beginning with frequencies #1 and #3 as shown here, it occurred to me that there might be a connection between prime numbers and DNA.

The #1- frequency wave includes all of the numbers on the number strip, both prime numbers (orange) and non-prime numbers. Frequency #1 represents the entire electromagnetic (EM) radiation spectrum.

zero point

All frequencies emanate from a single point of Origin. The Zero point was explained in Primes and Patterns.

dna twist

Flat or 2-dimensional frequencies are not true representations of what frequency waves look like. So, the flat ribbon of paper representing the #1-frequency must be twisted into in a tubular and more natural form, so that the numbers meet in a continual spiral as in a threaded rod, thereby explaining the 9.5° line.

threaded rod

dna ladder

Frequency #3 forms the blue helix shaped ladder, and like a backbone or spine it has stronger bonds than the other frequencies. It is DNA shaped, so perhaps the prime numbers represent the spacings between the rungs.

dna model twist

Starting from #1 every number represents and begins a frequency that criss-cross other ones, thereby forming a strong mesh. Analogous to a heart stent, braided rope, or a sock etc. woven from various colored threads fed from many bobbins, and so weaving the rope, sock, etc.


And a connection to this verse perhaps: "Or ever the silver cord be loosed," Ecclesiastes 12:6 KJV

rope braiding

Every number represents a frequency, and to avoid confusion and clutter I only displayed a few spiralling frequency lines, to #17, and I excluded #9 and #15 because they are part of the #3-frequency as mentioned.

frequency waves spin in opposite directions

One-half of all frequency waves spin in opposite directions as was clarified in page Primes and Patterns and the large display board. It shows that in flat 2-d form all frequencies emanate from a single source zero point.

dna tube

Due to twisting the flat 2-d into the 3-d form, it shows that in tubular 3-d form there appear to be two zero points. However, the real point of origin is the center of the tube. The point of Origin or zero point is the source of all spiraling frequencies, like the center of a pie cut in 6 even slices! It is the midpoint between positive and negative numbers, the midpoint of image reversal in a lens, or the point between two realities.

The zero-point idea is explained from a different perspective in a new Algorithm to π and animal migration.

The crisscrossing non-prime frequency waves (electromagnetic energies) like knots (photons, atoms) in the mesh of a net result in pockets/spaces represented as primes. Relating to this, in quantum theory it states that these intersecting frequency waves, can behave as particles and particles can behave as waves. Energy and mass are the same thing, and mass is simply very tightly packed energy like the knots in a net.

None of the orange colored squares representing prime numbers is ever intersected dead center by any frequency waves (blue lines), only the non-prime number squares are!

All, from atoms to stars has its own electromagnetic charge, vibration, and ringing (singing). Every single frequency wave has its own and distinct vibrational pattern. From the smallest things in creation to the largest, all have specific arrangements of frequencies, rates of vibration, and they all have the “point of Origin” within them.

In my previous Primes and Patterns page I had noticed, “the point or source of these frequencies appears to be close by”. Now I realize that the “point of Origin” is within, individually and collectively, and not "out there" somewhere! Ponder the words of Jesus Christ “the Kingdom of God is within you” Luke 17:21. That includes everything!

Everything vibrates differently, even diseases wherever they may be located, have unique vibrational patterns. Diseases may be the result of genetic defects caused by wrong frequency harmonics where certain prime numbers, each representing basic DNA building blocks, because of wrong frequency interactions become faultily numbered.
By fine-tuning the frequency harmonics to the correct numbers, it may conceivably cure diseases.

In the future it may be possible that living organisms are scanned using some kind of Aura reader to see which frequencies are out of tune, and restoring them with the correct and optimal frequency harmonics.

The connection between Prime numbers and DNA on a microscopic level, reflects the macrocosm as well.

According to the "big bang" and the expanding universe theory, prime numbers have evolved and continue to evolve into ever-larger numbers. In other words, perfect order, amazing design, and geometric precision in the distribution of the primes are the result of an unimaginable chaotic and ongoing big bang explosion. On the other hand, logic dictates that a supernatural intelligent Creator of everything is the source and Origin for all things, such as prime numbers complete in their number. “by Him (Jesus Christ) all things consist Col 1:17

Farfetched? Not that long-ago notions of airplanes flying in the sky were judged farfetched as well!
Perhaps someone will look into these ideas a bit more, and build a DNA computer model using this information, showing the correct depiction of what the 3-d spiral shaped frequency waves look like.

Evolution vs. Creation - Quotations

“Early microbes, probably blue-green algae or bacterialike organisms, invented photosynthesis to harness sunlight as a source of energy. They took carbon dioxide out of the air as their food, and they generated oxygen as a waste product that further transformed the atmosphere and hence the climate. They developed DNA for storing information, invented sex, which produced variation for natural selection, and evolution took off on its unending and largely unpredictable course.

On the other hand

“In the beginning God created

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