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Alpha ( α )

Fine-tuning the Fine-structure Constant:

The famous quantity alpha (α), the so-called the fine-structure constant is currently measured to:
1/137.03599976 = 0.007297352533
Perhaps alpha can be expressed as a simple equation.

Step 1:

c = 186604.610...mps (π² x 7 x 2701)

c = 431.977.../π = 137.502727245680476357... (2) = 18907 = 7 x 2701

1/137.502727245680476357...= .007272583024577165...

.007272583024577165...2= .0000528904638493679...(1 / 18907)

(The point of transformation.)

Step 2:

186604.6104...mps / 185971.2156...mps= 1.003405875

137.502727245680476357... divided by 1.003405875 =
α = 1/137.03599975999789353190538...= .007297352533285997...


√18907 divided by 1.003405875 = (1/)137.03599975999789353...= .007297352533285997...

α = .007297352533285997...2= .0000532513539950555...(1.006823349984515625 / 18907)






Speed of light based on this result for α is 185971.215...mps.
Electromagnetic waves based on this result exist at 185971.215...mps on the edge of gravity and ionosphere. And 186604.610 mps as the point of change between light and matter.
This point of change or thin layer surrounds all physical objects great or small.

I looked up several fine-structure constant values to compare with my numbers. Apparently, there is much uncertainty as to the accuracy for (α) not that many digits past the decimal.
Here are a few examples:
The fine structure constant, alpha (α), describes how electromagnetic radiation affects charged particles. It has the numerical value 0.007297351, with an uncertainty of 6 in the last decimal place, and as such is one of the best-measured numbers in physics.
The latest CODATA recommended experimental value for this quantity with the (± 27) uncertainty range centered on last two digits (33) is, α = 0.007297352533(27).

If through testing and experimental evidence it is confirmed that the next number in the fine structure constant value 0.007297352533... is 2, followed by an 8 etc., it may be expressed as a simple equation like this:


We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number 0.00729...very accurately, but we don't know what kind of dance to do on the computer to make this number come out, without putting it in secretly!
Richard P. Feynman


1+8+9+0+7= 25
5x2= 10(1+0)= --
5-2= ------------3
5+2= ------------7

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